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Saint Mary’s University Scholarships to Study in Canada



If you are on your way to search for the best scholarships in Canada, then your search might end up here because this opportunity is really attractive and can turn out to be beneficial for your educational goals. Saint Mary’s University offers the scholarship opportunity for students. SMU is one of Canada’s top and sought-after universities. It is also popular for international collaborations, research, and entrepreneurship. The university offers programs in science, arts, business, and graduate studies. If interested, you may submit your application for the Saint Mary’s University scholarships announced for application submission.

Information Regarding Saint Mary’s University Scholarships 

Nestled in the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia on Canada’s east coast, the university is widely famous for having nationally leading programs in the fields of chemistry and business. Various scholarship opportunities are provided to help out the students. SMU thinks that the financial burdens on the students should be eased, which is why the university provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships, awards, and bursaries. Let’s find out the details about the opportunities offered by Saint Mary’s University Canada.

Entrance Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries 

This is undoubtedly the pivotal one among Saint Mary’s University scholarships. The university offers academic excellence with more than $15.7 million dedicated to student scholarships, awards, and bursaries per year. There are various programs of the university that reward entering students for their academic strength or help them with their financial needs.

Renewable Entrance Scholarships

If you are accepted by Saint Mary’s University for an undergraduate degree with an admission average of 85% or higher, you will automatically be considered for SMU renewable entrance scholarship provided that you apply and are admitted to the university by the deadline i.e., 1st March. As funds permit, the university even may award scholarships after the deadline of 1st March.

Admissions Awards

Apart from the Renewable Entrance Scholarships mentioned above, the university also offers a number of other scholarships, awards, and bursaries for new students. There are a variety of awards available with the university established with the support of staff, alumni, businesses, and community members.

To be considered for Admission Awards, students must have a completed undergraduate application and be accepted (or admissible) by the deadline of 1st March. These scholarships consist of the university’s Presidential and Santamarian Scholarships.

Since Admissions Awards have been launched to meet a number of needs of students, there are different eligibility criteria like extracurricular activities, community involvement, academic achievement, or financial needs. To be considered for one of these available awards, students should fill out one application and provide the required supporting documents (as requested).

The deadline for these awards is 1st March. The basic requirements include – You need to be pursuing an undergraduate degree at Saint Mary’s University and you have completed your undergraduate application plus be accepted (or admissible) by 1st March. If you are selected to receive the admission award, you will be contacted.

Presidential/Presidential International Baccalaureate/Santamarian Scholarships

Students, who are domestic and international high school applicants, having an admission average of 95% or higher, or an IB result of 36%, should submit the applications for the Presidential International Baccalaureate Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, and Santamarian Scholarship.

Application Process – To apply for this scholarship scheme, you need to follow the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Upload an essay (750 words) based on your community involvement, your contribution to school life, and your plans for the future.
  • You need to complete parts 1 and 3 of the Admissions Awards Application.
  • CV/resume which shows information on your involvement in community service, athletic achievement, participation in student government, extracurricular activities, and volunteer and/or paid work.
  • Recommendation letters from your guidance counselor, high school principal, or teacher.

Renewal of Scholarship – If you want renewal for this scholarship, your grade point average of 3.70 in a minimum of 24 credit hours between September and April in your first year is required (for the renewal of the scholarship). For students who are admitted in January 2023 or later, a grade point average of 3.70 in 30 credit hours between May and April in your second and third year is required for the renewal.

These are the best Saint Mary’s University scholarships to study in Canada. Read all details on the official call of scholarships.

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