About US

Linsdroid was coined out of the combination of the name Collins and Android on 24th August, 2019. We are online to help foster the relationship between those who make use of android devices. The relationship between them, their phone and social networks at large.

Bringing updated information to our users, providing them with tips and tricks to make sure they enjoy every bit of their android device. At Linsdroid, we are aimed at providing top notch information, tutorials that are working, with perfect pictorial guidelines. No mistakes made, no guessing, we practice and we drop the steps for your to follow too.

Do not feel left out coming into our website as everything will be made easier for everyone. Games, Apps, Wallpapers, Themes and lots more of available downloads would be made known in our site once they become available to the internet world. Stay with us and enjoy the best and interesting updates and articles for your Android device.