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How to Get Missouri Teacher Certification



Missouri is a mid-western regional state in the United States. It is currently the 19th most populous state in the USA. A recent survey shows that there has been a decline in the number of teachers, especially K-12 teachers.

While this has come with challenges, it has also presented an opportunity for those looking for teaching jobs in Missouri.

Today’s update will cover Missouri teacher certifications, teacher certification Missouri, how to become a teacher in Missouri, teaching certification Missouri, How to get Missouri Teacher Certification in 2023, and Missouri instruction certification requirements.

Missouri Teacher Certification

To keep up with the national standards expected of teachers, every intending teacher in Missouri must tender a recognized Missouri teacher certificate. The certification verifies your professional ability to teach in schools and relate to students.

Before the Missouri state issues you a teacher’s certificate, you must have acquired a Degree with other attached teaching programs. Irrespective of where you obtained your Degree, you will still need to be vetted by the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education before Teacher Certification Missouri can be issued to you.

What are the requirements to teach in Missouri?

To become a teacher in Missouri, you must start by gathering Missouri teaching certification requirements. The requirements are outlined below.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in the Educational field or any related program
  • Missouri Teacher Preparatory course work.
  • Sit for Exam
  • Missouri Teacher Certificate Application.

How do I get a temporary teaching certificate in Missouri?

A temporary teaching certificate in Missouri is considered one of the alternative ways of teaching in Missouri without having the entire required credentials before one can be issued a provisional teaching certificate.

A temporary Missouri teaching certificate or Authorization certificate can be issued if the candidate has been recommended for such by the hiring school—a minimum of 2.5 GPA. A mentor is also assigned to the candidate, who will rate their ability. The certificate is valid for two years and can be renewed if you total nine college semester credits. This remains a vital part of learning How to get Missouri Teacher Certification in 2023.

Get Certification

How long does it take to get a teaching certificate in Missouri?

Teachers undergo two years of mentoring and continuous assessment of performance. During this period, candidates must have participated in many teaching evaluation programs that last four years. Upon satisfactory completion of this stage, the candidates are issued a Career Continuous Professional Certificate (CCPC) and a Continuous Career Education Certificate (CCEC). The certificate is a lifetime license. However, any unprofessional act can lead to the Missouri teaching certificate being revoked.

Additionally, during the four years of assessment, salaries and incentives are given to the teacher.

How much money do teachers make in Missouri?

To obtain Missouri teacher certification in 2023, you must also get an idea of Missouri teaching salary. The teaching salary in Missouri is not the same for all teachers. Grade and position in school are significant contributors.

Nevertheless, our team’s statistics here show the salary breakdown below.

Position Average Salary
Early Childhood Educator $27,500
Elementary School Teacher $53,390
Secondary School Teacher $47,680
Special Education Teacher $44,250
School Administrator $95,590
School Principal $92,510

Teachers are also entitled to vacations, national work-free days, and lifetime retirement benefits.

How many hours of student teaching are required in Missouri?

Student teaching remains an integral part of the Missouri Teaching certification process. This stage presents a hands-on preparatory experience for life as a teacher. With a series of teaching engagements, candidates are exposed to the varying sides of teaching and classroom management.

You are expected to spend over 6-7 hours student teaching under the close supervision of a mentor. Which approximately translates to 30-35 hrs a week in the classroom. However, it tends to reduce as you progress. This part cannot be substituted because it is a core Missouri teaching certification requirement.

Can you teach in Missouri without a degree?

A master’s Degree is non-negotiable for Missouri teacher certification. A degree in the educational field is mandatory. However, you can act as a substitute teacher. A substitute teacher can only teach in a K-12 classroom. Six thousand hours of related experience in a vocation related to the degree field would be needed.

How to get Missouri Teacher Certification in 2023

Similar to what we outlined earlier, getting a Teaching certificate in Missouri takes different definitive steps. With the help of our research associates and educational guidelines in Missouri, we have outlined below the steps to get a Missouri teacher certificate.

It might also interest you that a provisional teaching certificate in Missouri is of national standard and can be accepted anywhere in the United States. Unless revoked for some reason.

A Bachelor’s Degree: As we said earlier, a Bachelor’s Degree is mandatory for Education Certificate Missouri. One can also tender a related vocational certificate. But, its relevance must have been vetted by authorities.

Additionally, coursework of preparatory details must have also been made available.

Preparation Program: There are preparatory programs that involve a series of field assessments for candidates. In this phase, candidates are introduced to some classroom rudiments and start spending hours there. This stage is mainly done under the supervision of a mentor.

Candidates must have completed a mandatory 90-hour classroom time. Missouri education department won’t give you clearance for the next step if you fail to meet this preparatory stage. Your mentor must also acknowledge satisfaction with your classroom management and student relationship.

Missouri Teaching Certificate Exam: Missouri issues an Initial Professional Certificate (IPC). This certificate is issued to successful candidates of Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments. The certification validates your professional status as a teacher in Missouri. It remains an indispensable part of learning how to become a teacher in Missouri.

The exam evaluates your English language arts, mathematics, writing, science, and social science competence. A couple of other assessments deal with social skills, behavioral traits, and other off-classroom traits. All of these must be certified by MoEGA before you can be issued an Initial Professional Certificate (IPC).

Furthermore, IPC is valid for four years. The certificate shows your readiness to get a licensed Missouri teacher certificate. It remains an integral part of Missouri teaching certification requirements.

Missouri Teaching Certification Application: This involves lots of background checks, Fingerprint checks to know if there are some criminal records the applicant is associated with. The school plays a crucial role in students’ social and educational development. That is why Missouri state runs a thorough background check on intending school teachers. A non-refundable fee is also paid for this process.

Successful Applicants of this phase are issued a Career Continuous Professional Certificate (CCPC) and a Continuous Career Education Certificate (CCEC). This certificate lasts a lifetime and can be used for any teaching Job in Missouri. However, as we said earlier, it can be revoked or suspended if the teacher is found wanting in professional ethics.

How to get a Missouri teacher certificate in 2023 is the same as in previous years. Changes might have been tweaked over the years, but the core process of becoming a teacher in Missouri remains. Visit to commence your application.

Missouri Teaching Jobs

If you have followed to this extent, it’s only suitable we expose you to some available teaching Jobs in Missouri. A teaching career in Missouri provides experience on how best to relate with children and the length of experience needed to thrive in other related sectors. A teacher can succeed as a Psychologist, Guidance Counsellor, or work in businesses that produce children’s consumer goods.

Visit for available teaching jobs in Missouri. Websites like Indeed can also come in handy.


What is the entry-level salary for Missouri Teachers?

The entry-level salary for Missouri teachers is $31,320.

Are there available teachers in Missouri?

Officials from the Missouri education department have reported a 25% decline in the number of K-12 teachers in Missouri.

What are the most in-demand courses for Missouri teachers?

English, Maths, Science, and Special needs education teachers are the most in demand in Missouri.

What is the standard of a Missouri teacher’s certificate?

Missouri teaching certificate is of national standard and can be accepted across all states in the US.

What is the current passing score for Missouri teachers?

The current passing score is 220.


Missouri has one of the most developed educational systems catering to teachers and pupils. The state presents an excellent opportunity to start a teaching career in the United States.

Ensure you perused through the details we gave on how to get a Missouri teacher certificate in 2023 before commencing.



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