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European University Cyprus Scholarships and Financial Aid

Cyprus, which is famous for its eye-pleasing tourist attractions, is also popular for its quality of education among students from all parts of the world. International students are much inclined towards studying there because of the affordable fees and living expenses, etc. Cyprus has many world-renowned universities. If you want to study in Cyprus and are looking for the best option with a funding facility, there is an opportunity for you. You may now apply for the European University Cyprus Scholarships and Financial Aid offered to students interested in studying there.

Information about European University Cyprus Scholarships and Financial Aid

The university believes that financial aid can massively affect students’ decisions about whether or not to attend a university. The university has deployed its advisors at the Student Advising Center who provide all relevant information on scholarships and student aid, benefits, and respective procedures, etc.

At European University Cyprus, this matter is taken very carefully. The university recognizes that the financial situation of each student is unique and for this particular reason, it has developed policies and processes to provide fair and equal treatment to each student.

As far as financial aid is concerned, it is provided as support based on the personal circumstances of the students whereas scholarships are provided usually on merit. Details about the European University Scholarships available for students are mentioned below.

High School Scholarships

The university awards a limited number of high school scholarships to exceptional graduating students from Cypriot High Schools. These scholarships cover tuition during the first year of studies of the students. More details about these scholarships are presented as follows:

75% Scholarship – The students with an average grade of 19 or above on their high school leaving certificate will receive a 75% scholarship for the first academic year of their study.

50% Scholarship – The students having an average grade of 18 or above on their high school leaving certificate will receive a 50% scholarship for the first academic year of their study.

25% Scholarship – The students with an average grade of 17 or above on their high school leaving certificate will receive a 25% scholarship for the first academic year of their study.

Note: These scholarships are available and open to all academic programs of study conducted at the European University Cyprus excluding the Dental Surgery, Bachelors of Medicine, and Occupational Therapy.

Scholarships for Existing Students

Let’s now find out the details about the scholarships offered to existing students at the European University Cyprus. The university tries to provide financial help to students so that they can put focus on their studies.

Academic Excellence Scholarships

This scholarship is offered annually to the top-ranked undergraduate students of the university based on their GPA enrolled for a minimum of 30 contact units (60 ECTS) during the previous academic year (fall and spring).  The scholarships are conferred to eligible students as under:

The top-ranked undergraduate students of the university as provided these scholarships per year (annually). These are offered to eligible students as follows:

Tuition Scholarship Grade Point Average (GPA)
40% 4.00

20% 3.90 to 3.99
10% 3.80 to 3.89

Note: These scholarships are not applied to Dental Surgery and Doctor of Medicine students

Alumni Scholarships

EUC (European University Cyprus) confers a 10% discount for all years for all students who completed any level of studies at EUC/Cyprus College (Nicosia and Limassol) and who have registered in an upper or in the same level. The same discount is also provided (offered) to relatives [spouse, children, sister(s), brothers(s) of EUC and CC (Nicosia and Limassol) graduates].

Athletic Scholarships

These scholarships are provided to outstanding members of the sports team of the European University Cyprus. These opportunities (scholarships) are performance-based. The Athletics Office of the EUC generated guidelines for the award of these opportunities (scholarships). Those, who show their interest in these scholarships, have to complete the ‘Athletic Scholarship Application Form’ and then submit the completed form to the Athletic Department of the University.

Financial Aid

EUC’s financial aid is offered to native students only. They are based mainly on financial criteria regardless of students’ academic performance. The amount to be offered to the students depends on the personal circumstances of the students. Interested students are advised to complete the ‘Financial Aid Application Form’ and submit the same to the Office of Financial Aid.

Notes to Remember

  • If the candidates/students apply for two or more scholarships, the scholarship with the highest percentage will be considered only.
  • Bachelor in Dental Surgery, Doctor of Medicine, and Bachelor in Occupational Therapy are excluded from scholarships.

If you want to apply for the European University Cyprus Scholarships and Financial Aid, you need to carefully read all details mentioned on the official webpage of the university and follow the instructions.

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