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What You Don’t Know About Living In Dubai

Dubai is a very beautiful place. When you are in Dubai,it really feels like you are in a bubble, everything there is new and cool, not excluding the tall and shiny buildings. People in Dubai are often nice and friendly, though 70-80% of the people you will find there are foreigners.

Dubai is such an amazing place, with it’s sole negative aspect being the cost of living, which is quite expensive. People in Dubai often spend extravagantly and not necessarily because the find it ideal to do so or because they have enough cash to spend, but the cause of this extravagant lifestyle often points to the high cost of living. Everything over there are quite expensive.

Some extravagant lifestyles often occurs when one isn’t self disciplined enough to resist the urge to spend because Dubai have so many tourist attraction which on it’s own can have you spending more than you budgeted. It takes a determined and strong-willed person to save a significant amount of their salaries in Dubai and also maintain a decent lifestyle. It’s tough but not impossible.

In terms of tax paying, workers are not meant to pay any taxes on the salaries they get. Your salary is all yours excluding a 5% VAT everyone is made to pay for the purchase of products/services. I can boldly say that this law is quite favourable to all who base in Dubai.

Being a Muslim visiting Dubai, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to what to eat and where to worship because Dubai is a Muslim country, you can find halal foods there and mosques are always and readily available. There are also good number of churches for the Christians and countless eateries scattered all over the place that offers almost each and every continental dishes.

In terms of dressing when in Dubai, generally you can wear anything , but for the fact that it’s a Muslim country, you are hereby advised to dress cautiously. Dubai isn’t that strict in terms of dressing unlike other neighboring states e.g Sharjah.

The fun of visiting Dubai lies in the fact that you will meet and associate with people from all walls of life, different cultures and nationalities. If you happen to be an extrovert who loves making friends, I bet before the end of your visit, you will have a thousand and one new friends. You know making friends will also lead you to going places and learning different cultures and values.

Dubai has so many good places to explore like the nightlife which is quite very lively but all these things and attractions circles on you having enough money to enjoy them, if not, then you will get bored in just a few months.

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