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Let’s have a look at the 4 of the Best Third-Party YouTube Apps for Android You Should Try as they are packed with some of the amazing features that you might not find in the official Youtube app and you may also look for some of the change in your media streaming apps. And these apps are perfect then. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Well, we all are using Youtube for a very long time but I’m the type of person who easily gets bored from the same things so I always look for some change and that was the reason I researched for the Youtube alternative so that I can have the app that must have some extra features along with the change in design so that I can have a fresh look.

I analyzed lots of reviews, ratings and download rates and found these 4 apps the best that I used in my android and got amazing results. And now I’m sharing these apps with you so that you guys can also try this on your phone. So have a look at these apps below.

  • New Pipe

This was the first app that I tried in my android after readings its lots of positive reviews. This is the best ever alternative for the youtube on Android, just make use of this app having the minimal interface with all the functions to play the youtube videos.

This application is speedy and you can get the videos to play even when the screen is off. There are many other functions that could be used for the smooth playback of the videos on the Android. Give it a try and you may like it more than enough!!

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  • Youtube Vanced

This is the second best youtube alternative for the Android on this list. The reason needs not to be explained about why this app is the best one. It is because the app is completely versatile in playing all the videos from the youtube and also has enough number of functions for the playback.

Try it for once and you might end up having this as your only youtube app on the Android. Also this app got most of the positive ratings and also the good download rate.

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  • iTube

If you are looking for the lite version of the Youtube app so that this will not consume lot of space on the device yet still have the fullest number of function that could let you play the videos online from the youtube, this can be your best choice. Just make use of this app and then give us your opinions how you liked it.

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  • FireTube

Fire up your Android device with the use of this best youtube app alternative on the Android. Again this app is no different than the youtube as you get the videos to be played, screen off playback can be enabled and the ads block feature can be enabled. So must give a try to this app.

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