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Top secrets to achieve a long lasting Android Phone

The phone of your choice should be something worth preserving and taking care of, if you really value it and want it to last longer.  There are several reasons why your Android phone might not last up to two years and it breaks down. If you are a money cautious person, then you need to be careful when handling your device otherwise it would lead to a new phone replacement.

Although you might need to replace your phone periodically because of degrading batteries, outdated software and the condition it’s in if you drop it often, or constantly using it while it’s charging and other factors, that might include latest designs.

For the battery life, that depends solely on many factors. Let’s list just a few:

1.) The phone itself

2.) How it’s used

3.) How often you use it

4.) How old it is

5.) Temperature

Over time, batteries degrade. It’s something that cannot be avoided. Modern batteries use mostly lithium ion ( Li-on) batteries which degrades regardless of how you use it. Even while you’re not using it, it still degrades.

long lasting android phone

Phones can stop working for three general reasons:

1) They breakdown because of a drop or water damage.

This is self explanatory and can happen any time. You could drop a phone minutes after buying it and render it useless.

2) The technology become so old that they aren’t usable anymore.

Even though an old phone with old generation hardware and software can continue to work, it may not be good enough for modern apps. The new hot game or video streaming app may not work on an older phone. This is the typical reason people upgrade their laptops and desktops. This is now becoming true for phones as well.

3) Parts age too much and stop working.

Most phones have two consumable parts – battery and flash memory. Both will wear out with age and use. Your battery will stop holding charge. Your phone will start running out of power within a few hours. Your flash memory will lose capacity. Some cells will die. When that happens, your phone may get sluggish or completely stop working altogether. There is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent aging of these two components.

What are the Top secrets to achieve a Long Lasting Android device?

1.  Keep phone away from dirt.

2.  Always make use of a phone casing and screen protector.

3.  Don’t use 3rd party Apps unless you are sure of it, especially APPS not in Google play store.

4.  Use phone memory instead of inserting memory cards to save files.

5.  Remove unwanted or less frequently used APPS and Games from your phone, they can slow down your phone too.

6.  Always keep Temp files deleted and Background APPS killed.

7.  While buying always check for Manufactured month. Older the month, the battery will last less span.

8.  Keep phone away from children and water surface or area.

9.  Replace battery if you notice that your phone no longer last as usual.

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