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Some Culture Shocks To Look Out For When You Get To USA

When you plan to vacate your country to another country, you won’t expect everything to be exact same in that country like it was in yours. There must be one or two things that must differ, some may appear fun to you while you will see some in disbelief or massive shock.

Many persons must have wished to explore USA which is considered to be the world’s greatest country, that’s almost everyone’s dream. If you ever succeed in making that dream a reality, i bet you will experience loads of culture shocks, so many things will seem so strange to you.

The shock might be huge and unbelievable at first, but with time,you will adapt to it and see it become a normality. Here are some culture shocks you will get to experience when you visit your much loved USA.

  • In USA, you attend to yourself when you go to gas stations, you pump your gas into your car yourself with no assistance from any attendant unlike in other countries.
  • When you get to an American restaurant or bar, don’t let the prices in the menu list or labels fool you, because the price you will finally get to pay will be higher than what you see in the menu or label. You are advised not to assume the prices you see on the lists, getting to know the actual prices from the attendant is better.
  • Though there are many flashy cars in America, but it still won’t outshine the fact that American love driving huge vehicles. You will get to find many trucks there, especially in the rural areas.
  • Talking to strangers seems so easy and common in America.Being of opposite sex with the said stranger doesn’t really matter . Americans are free people, you can strike up a conversation with anyone and they will reply freely. In some countries, this doesn’t often happen especially when the stranger is of the opposite sex, they often take it the wrong way.
  • In America, you tip for almost everything. Giving a tip for all their services now seems like a German custom. You tip when you get to a drive-thru which is almost found everywhere, you tip in a bar, hospital, banks etc.
  • Prices of things in the US seem a bit awkward. The price of single goods a always higher than when you buy same good in pack. For instance, a bottle of wine may cost you $3, but a pack (24 bottles) of that same wine will cost $15. How awkward did that sound?
  • In American bars, all drinks are always served with ice in it, no matter the weather. You need to always tell the waiter/waitress not to add ice to your drink for them not to do so. Icing their drinks it’s more like a culture there.
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