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How to Improve Streaming Quality On Your Smartphone

If you’re one of the countless people that uses your smartphone to watch live-stream content, you might be looking for ways to get more out of the device that you currently have. There are many reasons why your device might be offering sub-optimal streaming viewing.

You could have a sub-par mobile phone plan. You might have too many background apps running. You could even be dealing with viruses on your smartphone. Whatever the cause, here are some easy ways to improve streaming quality on your smartphone.

Why do you need better streaming?

Interactive casino live streams

One of the instances where a top-notch streaming experience is particularly important is with interactive casino live streams. There are games offered by large platforms such as the online casino at Paddy Power Games, in which users play real roulette, poker, and blackjack via a live video uplink. As the live stream is interactive and you need to engage with the croupier in real-time, a flawless stream is essential.

HQ live content

Gone are the days when live content was expected to be grainy and low-quality. These days, even the least-known Twitch streamers will broadcast their content in ultra-HQ 1080p, which can be a struggle if your device is not up to scratch.

Creating content 

Finally, it is crucial to ensure perfect streaming if you are the one actually uploading and creating content. If you have a dedicated audience of followers, a bad stream caused by your device or connection will be enough to turn people away and seriously dent your follower count.

How to improve streaming quality

Check your connection

The majority of the time, poor streaming can be explained by a poor connection. As Broadband Search states in their article, you can easily use a speed test site to see if the problem is actually with your connection. If you have low bandwidth or a faulty connection, you can start by toggling airplane mode on your device or you can try resetting your router. You can also clear your phone’s cache and see if that boosts your speed.

Boost your phone

Oftentimes, poor-quality streaming can be due to an overloaded, underresourced device. This is why simply closing all of your apps and deleting any unused apps can have a dramatic impact on speed. As Turbo Future explores in this list, you can also use a number of smartphone tuning apps to ensure that every aspect of your phone is geared towards bringing you the best quality streaming experience possible. Note that these are only available for Android, as Apple generally does not allow apps to make these kinds of configuration changes.

Conduct a sweep 

It is also possible that you have a virus in your smartphone, which could very well be making it impossible to stream video content. Most phones have a built-in scan feature that allows you to sweep for viruses. For Androids, you can also download mobile antivirus software. Failing this, boot your Android device in safe mode (after clearing the cache) and see if this makes it easier to identify a suspicious app that might be draining your device.

Streaming takes up an increasing amount of our leisure time. If you want to ensure that your streaming goes off without a hitch, these should be the first steps you take.

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