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8 ways to make your smartphone last longer

Your smartphone is one of the most important assets you have and need to handle with care. It is very easy for accidents to occur and your smartphone gets damaged. This could be as a result of water splashes, drops or mishandling.


Nevertheless, there are always certain tips you can apply to help prevent damage of your smartphone, which can cause a big hassle and a big problem for you. If the smartphone is not insured, you can spend loads of money fixing it and can lose a lot of vital information too. We have created this article to help you understand a few tips which can go a long way to minimize damage on your phone.



Avoid constant phone drops


The more your device falls on the ground, the more it is prone to develop issues and increase the already existing issues. We know that accidents occur and the phone drops to the ground but with careful effort, you can bring to a very minimal level the rate to which your smartphone drops on the floor and this will definitely improve the lifespan of your device and save you the cost of changing broken parts like the screen.

Protect your Smartphone

When we say protect your smartphone, we do not mean you should keep it indoors or hold them with both hands. No, we mean you should guard your smartphone against accidental falls, to protect the look of the phone and to avoid screen cracks. To do this, please get a phone pouch that matches your smartphone and also a good fitting screen guard. You can apply additional liquid screen guard before using the outer screen guard to add more layer of protection against strong falls.

Don’t Let Kids Use Your Smartphone Unsupervised

This problem normally occurs when kids are around and looking to see a movie or play games with your smartphone. Do not allow them use it without being close enough to supervise them and watch how they are handling your phone. You might be surprised to come back and meet a broken screen, In no circumstance is it advisable to be far off from your kids who are making use of your smartphone.

Do not Sit on your Smartphone

Always try to remember as much as possible where and the last place you left your smartphone, to avoid going to sit on it without knowing. Many people keep their smartphone on their laps while sitting down, only to forget and stands up to take a walk and then the smartphone happens to hit on the floor, creating damage and maybe broken screen. Also make sure to always check your back pockets before sitting down tp prevent this kind of issue.

Keep Smartphone away or far from Liquids

Liquid splashes on smartphones have been widely seen in most cases of phone damages. This liquid substances can easily get into the internal parts of the smartphone which is very delicate and damage it completely beyond repairs. In some cases, the phone can no longer boot and will require a complete panel change. Spilling drinks or hovering over a class of water, and having your smartphone close will create this kind of damage. This is why you need to keep your smartphone far away from any such liquids.

Don’t swim with your phone unless waterproof confirmed

Many persons seem to swim with their smartphones as a way of showing off without being sure if their smartphone is waterproof tested and confirmed. If you also have a phone that is waterproof tested, please maintain the conditions for using it to swim. Some to not allow the use of the smartphone to stay over 30 minutes and this i know for most high-end Samsung devices.

Watch your Smartphone space, usage and heat level

This is the best part of keeping and maintaining a healthy smartphone. When you know when to reduce and free up space for your smartphone, it goes a long way to keep the phone alive and easy going. The ram will work perfectly without any distortion, the number of Apps you use at a particular time should also be checked, as this could lead to over heating and can create damage to your phone. Also avoid exposing the smartphone directly to heat.

Don’t Overcharge or Charge and use your smartphone

I know this might be a little difficult for a lot of persons, as they believe that they can use their smartphone while charging it to avoid the battery going down. This is not advisable in anyway, as it will impact of the lifespan of the battery and reduces it drastically over time. Also, letting your phone remain plugged in while being fully charged can also create this kind of battery damage. Avoid this to keep your phone up and going for a very long time.

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