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5 Best Type C Fast Charging Cable You Should Buy Now

USB-C cables were once something that you had to be extra-sure of before you bought, back when the USB-C standard was first announced in 2014, but these days USB-C cables have reached a safe, stable standard (for the most part). Whether you need a USB-A port on the other end or you’ve gone full USB-C to USB-C, there are great, safe USB-C cables to be had out there without spending an arm and a leg!

Looking to pick up some extra charging cables for the smartphone you own? You don’t just want to pick up any cable — you want one that will actually bring you a quick charge for the smartphone. With USB-C now here, USB-C to USB-C cables is usually the way to make that happen. USB-A to USB-C is fast, but not nearly as fast as this new standard.

Not sure what the best fast charging Type C cables are for your device? Follow along below, and we’ll show you five options that you can never go wrong with.


On the box of every Anker charging product is the slogan, “America’s leading USB charging brand.” This is no hyperbole–Anker has been the best-selling portable battery charger on Amazon for the past three years running, and if you know an American under 50, chances are they use Amazon religiously.

One of our favorites that we always go back to is the Anker PowerLine+. The PowerLine+ fast charging Type-C cable is a hard one to beat, especially with how reliable Anker’s reputation has gotten. One of the things that we love about the PowerLine+ is the double-braided nylon exterior, a toughened aramid fiber core, and laser-welded connectors.That means that you’re getting a cable that actually lasts six times longer than other cables, which ends up saving you money long-term. There is excellent toughness here that is hard to beat.

Brand Name is: Anker PowerLine+ C to C 2.0 cable

Latest List Of 5 Best Type C Fast Charging Cable For Google Pixel 4

2. APPLE :

Apple is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. It is considered one of the Big Four tech companies along with Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

Apple’s USB-C to USB-C cable is another reliable choice. And even though this comes from Apple, it still works excellent for the Pixel 4. Apple is actually well known for its strong cable insulation, so this one should have no problem lasting you a long while.

The length clocks in at just 2 meters, so you should be able to charge your phone while charging it with this length.

Brand Name is: Apple USB-C Charge Cable (2m)

Latest List Of 5 Best Type C Fast Charging Cable For Google Pixel 4

3. KCgrape:

KCgrape belongs to the B2C (Overseas E-commerce) Department of Shenzhenshi Kechuanglineng Kejiyouxiangongsi, which is a leading mobile phone accessory manufacturer in China providing OEM \ ODM service for European and American companies. A major amount of our products have patents and many other certifications such as CE, ROHS, UL, FCC and etc. Our core product line is about cables, screen protectors and phone cases.

Next up, we’re looking at the KCGrape USB-C to USB-C cables. These are going to work in a similar fashion to the rest of our USB-C cables on this list; however, one of the things that immediately stands out is how many cables you get in the package. There are actually three! One comes with six feet of length, and then two that are three feet in length. Being nylon-braided, these have excellent construction and durability, so they should last you a really long time as well. A nice bonus to that is that these are tangle-free, so you don’t have to worry about getting into a mess of wires, either.

Brand Name Is: 60W PD Charger Cable Cord

Latest List Of 5 Best Type C Fast Charging Cable For Google Pixel 4

4. Spigen DuraSync: 

Spigen Inc, commonly known as Spigen, is a mobile phone accessory maker based in the United States that makes cases, screen protectors and other accessories for popular smartphone models. The word Spigen is a combination of two words: Spiegel (which means mirror in German), and gen (which means gene).

Last up on our countdown, but certainly not least, is Spigen’s own USB-C cable. As you might imagine, this is going to work pretty much in the same way as any other cable. Its cotton-braided cable protection gives it extra toughness, which brings you better durability, meaning that this is going to last even longer, too. Cheap USB-C cables have nothing on this one! You still get fast data transfer rates, and charging is high-speed when used with a compatible fast charging wall charger.

Brand Name Is: Spigen DuraSync USB C to USB C Cable.

Latest List Of 5 Best Type C Fast Charging Cable For Google Pixel 4

5. AmazonBasics Type-C Cable:

Amazon is an Amazon brand that has only appeared in recent years. However, it’s actually a super reliable choice, even for charging products like the Type-C cables. The USB-C to USB-C cable from AmazonBasics really is a hard one to pass up.

You can charge your smartphone with this one, and really quickly with a compatible wall adapter. But the really nice thing about USB-C is that it’s essentially a universal charging platform, which means you can use it for other phones, tablets, and even laptops, too.

Data transfer rates sit at around 480Mbps, which is still pretty quick.

Brand Name Is: AmazonBasics Type-C Cable

Latest List Of 5 Best Type C Fast Charging Cable For Google Pixel 4

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